Hiking the Aquinnah Cliffs

A group of naturalists and curious cats ventured out to Aquinnah this afternoon for a guided walk by the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank and Sheriff’s Meadow, another local conservation group. It was a colorful, bright, sunny day to be out on the beach. We learned about the gradual erosion of the Aquinnah cliffs and about a rare species of coffee that is being protected and cultivated by the MV Land Bank.

Historic Lighthouse & Fresnel Lens

It was one of those assignments you sneak in between lunch and grabbing a coffee. “Go photograph details of the lighthouse at the museum.”

I got there feeling a little less than certain about how I wanted these pictures to look. The Fresnel lens on Martha’s Vineyard (one of 39 left in the country) is housed in a small and squat tower surrounded by two layers of dusty glass. Once I climbed up the narrow, spiderweb ridden stairs/ladder I was faced with either climbing into the lens and shooting outward or trying to get a shot from the small wooden walkway around the lens. At first I was on auto-pilot — get low, use the rule of thirds, focus on lines and shapes. Then, on my first turn around the lens I noticed these crazy reflections of the buildings surrounding the museum compound. I honed in on that and somehow made these really cool photos that I’m actually proud of calling mine.

So much for that coffee though…

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